Tune in to CNBC's THE PROFIT with Marcus Lemonis featuring Tonnie's Minis


Tune in to CNBC's THE PROFIT with Marcus Lemonis featuring Tonnie's Minis airing Tuesday May 26 at 10P.M. E.T. Check your local listings.



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Did you know the cupcakes fromTonnie’s Minislocated at 264 Lenox Avenue are now available atBloomingdales? I learned this from thistelevision report. That’s wonderful news for Tonnie and his fans. Fans and newcomers have two options to purchase cupcake treats. At Bloomies, you can get a California size cupcake or a mini, but if you can’t get to that gigantic department store for a delicious bite of aTonnie’s Minis cupcake, don’t fret. The other options is to go to the boutique store in Harlem located at 123rd Street and Lenox Avenue.

I went there recently with a friend visiting from Africa. The place is so cute with a bright orange awning and it smells divine when you enter! The sweet smell exists due to the fact that the room is filled with so many cupcake options. If you want a grande cupcake with your choice of icing, no problem! They have it!


If you want a pequeno size or two, go with the mini! Of course, when my friend and I went to Tonnie’s, out of all the cupcakes we could have purchased, we went with the red velvet mini cupcake. Yum! Why break with tradition…right? Eating red velvet anything (cake or cupcake) is a natural tendency when you live in Harlem. Want to partake in this tendency? Head on over to Tonnie’s Minis by foot or on the 2/3 subway line! You will enjoy the cupcakeexperience as well as a nice and spacious walk along Lenox Avenue!

Tonnie’s Minis
264 Lenox Avenue (123 ST )
Harlem, NY 10027

T: 212-831- 5292/5293 

Tonnie's Mini's Packs A Huge Bite


Tonnie has perfected the art of the cupcake. Down in Harlem, Franny stops by the Tonnie Mini's shop to find out what all the buzz is about.

Tonnie's Minis Cupcakes Finds Sweet Spot in Harlem


By Jeff Mays

DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

HARLEM — It doesn't take much for Michael Reed to find a reason to stop by Tonnie's Minis on LenoxAvenue for a batch of cupcakes.

"The cupcakes are good for saying, 'I'm sorry.' They're good for birthdays. They're good conversation pieces," said the 45-year-old maintenance worker.

On a recent day, Reed stopped by to get a six-pack of custom treats to celebrate his son successfully reducing the amount of time spent playing video games.

"They've got the best cupcakes here," said Reed. 

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Tonnie's MINIS Harlem, NYC


Cupcakes, Cakes and Music. Harlem is well know for Talent but Tonnie's MINIS Red Velvet Cupcakes are out of this world. By far the best Red Velvet Cupcake in NYC, some say it's taste is reaching around the world.

The call came from the Wendy Williams Show.​


Tonnie Rozier was about ready to open up Harlem's first cupcake specialty store in late October when the call came from the Wendy Williams Show

The daytime talk-show hostess wanted to feature his Tonnie's Minis shop as part of National Dessert Week. Rozier put icing production in high gear.

"Since we opened up our doors, there hasn't been a dull moment," said Rozier, 40. Read more here...